Ted Cruz Faces Formidable Senate Challenger with $10.9M Backing in Texas

Ted Cruz faces a strong challenge as Democratic challenger gains impressive fundraising momentum to the tune of $10.9m. Here’s the full story.

With Friends Like These

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Texas Senator Ted Cruz, a prominent Republican figure known for his hard-right stance, recently found himself in the company of the UK’s shortest-serving Prime Minister, Liz Truss. However, closer to home, Cruz may have new reasons to be concerned about his political future. 

Ten Million Dollars

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Democratic Congressman Colin Allred, seen as Cruz’s potential opponent in the upcoming re-election, has reported a substantial fundraising haul of $10.9 million since announcing his candidacy in May. 

On the Financial Ropes

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This impressive figure not only outpaces his Democratic rivals but also appears to exceed Cruz’s own fundraising efforts by nearly $2 million, according to reports from the Dallas Morning News and the Texas Tribune. 

Fourth and Inches

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Colin Allred’s formidable campaign, buoyed by this significant financial support, suggests that the Texas Senate race is poised for increased competitiveness in the upcoming election. While Cruz’s campaign contested the figures, stating he had raised $5.4 million during the third quarter of 2023, Allred’s campaign maintains a strong momentum. 

Texas Enthusiasm

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Colin Allred, a former NFL linebacker for the Tennessee Titans and a Congressman representing his hometown of Dallas since 2018, has quickly emerged as a strong contender. Allred’s campaign manager, Paige Hutchinson, celebrated the grassroots support, noting that it reflects Texans’ enthusiasm to unseat Ted Cruz and send Allred to the Senate. 

We’ve Been Down This Road Before

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All signs point to Colin Allred securing the Democratic nomination and advancing to challenge Cruz in the general election. However, it’s crucial to remember that Democrats have previously set high hopes on Texas, only to face disappointment.

High Hopes, No Chance

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In 2018, Beto O’Rourke, a Congressman at the time, mounted a robust campaign against Cruz but ultimately fell short. O’Rourke’s newfound national prominence in progressive circles led to a presidential bid in 2020 and a subsequent run for Texas governor, both of which also concluded without victory. 

Hoedown Showdown

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As fundraising figures continue to fluctuate, the race for the Texas Senate seat promises to be fiercely contested. Both Ted Cruz and Colin Allred will undoubtedly employ various strategies to secure voter support and financial backing. The outcome of this high-stakes political battle remains uncertain, but one thing is clear: Texas is set for a closely watched showdown in the near future. 

Warm British Welcome

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While the political tension simmers in Texas, Ted Cruz took to Twitter to share a photo of himself, his wife Heidi Cruz, and Liz Truss. The Senator expressed gratitude for the warm welcome from their British friends and their commitment to conservative principles and liberty on the global stage. 

Battle of Ideas

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“We are so grateful for our British friends and for strong leaders on the global stage who will champion conservative principles and defend liberty,” Cruz said. In her response, Liz Truss acknowledged the importance of winning the battle of ideas in both the United States and the United Kingdom. 

Lettuce 1 – Liz 0

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Truss’s time as Prime Minister marked a unique moment in political history, earning her a place in the annals of pop culture, when her tenure as prime minister, the shortest ever recorded in the UK at 49 days, was outlived by the shelf life of a lettuce. A fact that was viciously pointed out by many UK tabloid newspapers.

Leadership Crash

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Many users online mocked Cruz for his picture with Truss. One user posted “All right Ted – how is it conservative to bankrupt your country?” Another commented “Strong Leader on global stage? Liz Truss resigned in disgrace after just 46 days as PM after crashing the economy. Is that what you call strong leadership?”

Fingers Crossed

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Others commented on their hopes for a Democratic win in the Texas election, with one such user commenting “Texas keeps breaking my heart but I’m still hopeful!” Another posted more simply “I am convinced Texas is gerrymandered so much, I can’t see it happening.”

Never Meet Your Heroes

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However, Cruz is not without his supporters, with one posting online “Three of my personal heroes are in this picture.” Another commented “Now more than ever, it is important to have great collaborative partners, and networks of like minded people.”

Lettuce – 2, Liz – 0

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Other users mocked Ted Cruz for his photo opportunity with a failed Prime Minister, with one poster commenting “Could you keep her please? Britain is still recovering from the damage she caused in such a very brief amount of time.” Another said simply “The lettuce would be a better guest.”

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