A Victory for Common Sense: Supreme Court Halts Sale of ‘Ghost Guns

“Ghost Gun” makers have been blocked by Supreme Court from selling ‘make your own’ kits. Full story. 

Surprise Ruling

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The US Supreme Court has made a surprise decision regarding the sale of “ghost guns,” which are firearms that can be easily assembled at home.

The Court has prohibited two Texas-based manufacturers from selling products that can be swiftly turned into “ghost guns” at home, overturning a federal judge’s order favoring the companies.

Names Are Longer in Texas

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This move comes after the Biden administration sought to block a federal judge’s order favoring two Texas-based manufacturers, Blackhawk Manufacturing and Defense Distributed. 

Injunction Lifted

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The Supreme Court, in a shocking turn of events, has lifted a September 14th injunction issued by Judge Reed O’Connor in Fort Worth, which had prevented the enforcement of a 2022 federal regulation. 

How Can We Make Guns More Frightening?

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This regulation, introduced by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF), was designed to address the growing issue of privately made firearms known as “ghost guns.”

The Kits Are Called What?

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These weapons could be assembled using the terrifyingly named “buy build shoot” kits, available online or in stores, without the need for a background check or the standard serial numbers required by the federal government. 

Strike Two

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This marks the second time the Supreme Court has acted against Judge O’Connor’s decisions in this case.

In August, they halted the judge’s previous ruling, reinstating the regulation while an appeal was underway. 

Disregarding the Court

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The Biden administration had argued that Judge O’Connor’s decision to grant an injunction in favor of ghost gun kit manufacturers, despite the Supreme Court’s prior intervention, disregarded the court’s authority. 

What Is a Firearm?

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The 2022 rule aimed to expand the definition of a firearm under the 1968 federal Gun Control Act, encompassing parts and kits that could be easily turned into functional firearms.

It required these components to have serial numbers and mandated that manufacturers and sellers obtain licenses. 

Background Checks Needed

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In a rare case of common sense winning the day, sellers were also required to conduct background checks on purchasers before completing a sale. 

Owning a Ghost

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The administration’s stance is that ghost guns are appealing to individuals who are legally prohibited from acquiring firearms, such as criminals, minors and all the other potential buyers would prefer not to have access to a lethal firearm. 

We’re Positively Haunted

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In 2021, approximately 20,000 suspected ghost guns were reported to the ATF as having been recovered in criminal investigations, a significant increase from 2016, according to statistics from the White House that are sure to keep some up at night.

Common Sense Regulations

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Predictably the news has caused controversy online, with opinion split between those who support and oppose the ruling.

One commenter noted “Huh, what a shocker! The Supreme Court actually upholds common-sense regulations? Color me surprised! It’s almost like ensuring public safety should be a priority or something.”

Ban Them All

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Others remarked that the ruling did not go far enough, with one widely shared and liked post online reading “I have news for you, the Founders were talking about flintlock rifles which took several minutes to load each round of small pellets. Stop gun ownership like other ‘civilized’ nations.”

Washington’s Background Check

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Others took a different view, with firearms advocates taking issue with the ruling and what they see as an infringement on their Second Amendment rights.

One person posted, “The founders didn’t know anything about background checks. They just got done fighting a war against a tyrannical government that banned gun ownership. Absolutely the founders would oppose this ruling.”

Well, That’s Comforting

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Others put their feelings more bluntly, with one user making their thoughts known, posting, “The only gun victory he can claim.  And we still have our AR15s.”

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