GOP Lawmaker Draws From Book of Genesis to Justify Vote

A Pennsylvania state lawmaker, known for her far-right Christian nationalist views, is using the Bible to justify her opposition to climate-focused legislation. Read on for the full story.

“Global Climate Agenda”

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State Rep. Stephanie Borowicz, a Republican, asserts that such bills are part of a global climate control agenda, drawing from her interpretation of religious scripture. 

First They Came for the Mowers

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In a video posted by Heartland Signal, Rep. Borowicz voiced her concerns about climate-related legislation, specifically mentioning a proposed ban on gas-powered mowers and stoves in New York City. She argued that these measures, made in the name of climate control, reflect an agenda beyond environmental conservation. 

How’s the Earth Enduring?

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Citing a biblical passage, she said, “The truth is, in Genesis 8:22, it says, ‘as long as the Earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never cease.'” Rep. Borowicz emphasized that she believes in responsible stewardship of the environment but not through forceful climate control policies. 

Christian Nationalist Policy

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Rep. Borowicz, whose conservative views have been highlighted in a plethora of media reports, has made headlines for her strong Christian nationalist beliefs and policy positions. In the past, she delivered a prayer in the Pennsylvania state legislature that prominently featured references to Jesus Christ after the legislature swore its first Muslim woman into office. In the same prayer, she repeatedly asked God to “forgive us”.

Pray the Gay Away

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She also introduced a controversial “Don’t Say Gay” bill and called for the resignation of the Pennsylvania Secretary of Education over LGBTQ-inclusive curricula. 

False Claims

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Additionally, she recently made false claims about COVID-19, challenging the need for a government-conducted study on public health emergencies. Her assertions included promoting unproven treatments like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine while criticizing business shutdowns. 

Take Parasite Medication for a Virus?

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In a video shared on her social media account, Borowicz emphatically stated, “We do not need a study by the same government that did this to its people. You guys were the ones who messed everything up. Now you want to study it. I will tell you what you did wrong. People died because basic medicines were withheld from them, like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine and steroids.”

No Evidence

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It’s essential to note that numerous studies have found no evidence that these treatments decrease hospitalization or deaths related to COVID-19. Borowicz’s opposition to COVID-19 measures, such as mask mandates and school closures, remains a part of her public stance, even though the virus has led to the tragic loss of many lives, including children. 

Second Opinion

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Rep. Borowicz’s stance on these contentious issues has been covered extensively by social media users online. One such comment read “As a scholar of the Bible, I must say, many of these GOP folks quoting for their convenience, are getting it all wrong.  No surprise I guess.  Authoritarians have been quoting the Bible for their convenience for thousands of years.”

Separation of Church and State

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Another user put it more succinctly, in a post with hundreds of likes, when they commented “Keep that damn book out of our government!”

God Doesn’t Make Mistakes

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However, others felt the need to state their support for Borowicz’s Christian nationalist worldview and voting record. One comment posted online read “The Bible should be quoted and lived by MORE.  Our country wouldn’t be in the mess it’s in if people abided by its Godly principles.”

When in Doubt, Blame Satan

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Another poster saw possible demonic influence at play, responding to the many comments against the Republican lawmaker “Satan is laughing right now his minions are alive and posting big time on this article. And we wonder why America is imploding.”

Once Upon a Time…

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Online, a lot of posters responded to Borowicz with ridicule and mockery. One such poster commented “The first words of the bible have often been wrongly translated. In the English translation of the Latin translation of the Greek translation of the original Hebrew and Arabic versions, it turns out the first words were:  ‘Once upon a time…’”

You’ll Take My Mower From My Cold Dead Hands

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Another commenter posted simply “Neither the bible nor our Constitution mentions gas-powered mowers as a protected right.”

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