Transgender Powerlifter’s Record Win Sparks Debate on Sports Fairness

A trans woman has made the headlines by obliterating another powerlifting title in the women’s competition, but now an ambassador for women’s powerlifting has hit back at the champion, calling it “unfair.” Record-Breaking Triumph Leaves Athletes Stunned Anne Andres, a 40-year-old transwoman, etched her name into sports history with an extraordinary display of strength at … Read more

A Backwards Step for Freedom: Homosexuality Terms Banned in Favor of a Far Darker Alternative

A Muslim country has just sparked worldwide outrage by banning its media from using the terms “homosexuality” and “homosexual,” demanding that they replace them with a dark, derogatory term. Media Crackdown Sparks Controversy The Media and Communications Commission of Iraq has made a shocking move that has ignited a wave of criticism both locally and … Read more

Transgender Contestant Competes in Miss Universe, Sparking Debate About Inclusivity and Women’s Spaces

This year, the Miss Universe competition will have at least two transgender women competing for the crown. Here’s the whole story. Crowned Miss Portugal Marina Machete was recently crowned Miss Portugal, becoming the first transgender contestant to win that title.  Proud Trans Woman Before she won the Miss Portugal competition, Machete posted on her Instagram … Read more

Georgia Authorities Withhold Footage in Activist’s Shooting, Shot 57 Times by Police

Controversy surrounds Georgia’s refusal to release evidence in police shooting of activist. Full story.  Killed For Protesting? Georgia is under scrutiny for its decision not to release crucial evidence related to the police shooting and killing of activist Manuel Paez Terán, also known as “Tortuguita.” This refusal has raised concerns among police accountability experts, who … Read more

LGBTQ+ Faculty Member Assault Allegations Under Investigation at Arizona State University

Arizona State University (ASU) is currently investigating a distressing incident that occurred on its campus involving a queer faculty member and the controversial conservative group Turning Point USA. Here’s the full story.  Altercation or Investigation? On Wednesday afternoon in Tempe, Arizona, an altercation unfolded in which David Boyles, an instructor in ASU’s English Department, was … Read more

“Sex Really Is Binary” – Biologist Richard Dawkins Slammed for His Biological Perspective on Gender Identity

In a recent episode, renowned biologist Richard Dawkins engaged in a controversial conversation with Helen Joyce, author of “Trans: When Ideology Meets Reality.” Here’s the full story. The Discussion The discussion centered on the concept of sex as binary and the challenges posed by the evolving gender ideology. Dawkins’s Stance on Sex During their conversation, … Read more