Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson Switches from Democrat to Republican

A Democrat mayor in Dallas, Texas, is changing his political party affiliation because he’s not happy with the way Democrats are handling issues in America. Here’s the whole story.  Democrat Mayor Becoming a Republican The political tables are turning in Dallas, Texas, where Democratic Mayor Eric Johnson says he’s “changing [his] party affiliation.” Johnson served … Read more

Government Guidelines Suggest 2-Drink-Limit Per Week

The government could be coming for your alcohol! The new guidelines may suggest no more than two alcoholic beverages per week. Some people are seizing on the guidelines to say that the government wants to control your life. Is that true? We highlight the facts. Current Guidelines The current alcohol consumption guidelines in the United … Read more

Trump Levels Claims Regarding the Mysterious Influencer Behind Biden’s Unusual Actions

Former President Donald Trump recently reignited a long-standing conspiracy theory, suggesting that former President Barack Obama is secretly pulling the strings in the White House, controlling President Joe Biden. Here’s the whole story. The Speech During a campaign stop in New Hampshire, Trump explicitly said, “It’s never been worse than it is now under crooked … Read more

Florida Churches Defy State Curriculum with Unfiltered Lessons on Black History

Black churches and congregations in Florida now offer versions of Black history education that do not follow state-imposed guidelines. This comes in response to recent changes in Florida’s educational curriculum for K-12 students, which has sparked controversy and criticism. Changing Curriculum Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, a Republican and a 2024 presidential candidate, faced backlash after … Read more