Biden Requests More Money to Develop COVID Vaccines

President Joe Biden asked Congress for more money to develop a new COVID-19 vaccine, and he may require everyone to get it. Here’s the full story.

Funding for New Vaccines

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When COVID cases started rising again in the US, President Joe Biden told reporters that he had signed off on a proposal for Congress to “request additional funding for a new vaccine.”

Everyone Will Get Vaccinated

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Biden also said, “Tentatively it is recommended that it will likely be recommended everybody get it no matter whether they’ve gotten it before or not.”

$40 Million Request

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Recently Biden requested $40 million from Congress.

The request included money for Ukraine, US federal disaster funds, and funds for enforcement along the US-Mexico border to “slow the flow of fentanyl.”

This request did not mention a new COVID vaccine. 

Other Requests Denied

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A request for $9.25 billion to fight coronavirus was denied by Congress in 2022.

New Vaccine to Include xbb.1.5

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The new COVID-19 vaccines will contain one version of the omicron strain, XBB.1.5. Previous vaccines included a mix of the original coronavirus strain with last year’s most common omicron variants.

Updated Vaccines

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Since coronavirus continues to mutate, updated vaccines will always be needed.

Vaccines Underway

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The vaccines are currently underway at Pfizer, Moderna, and Novavax, which is a smaller manufacturer. 

Approvals Required

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Before a vaccine can be given to people, the Food and Drug Administration must sign off on it and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention must issue recommendations for use.

Biden Said the Pandemic Was “Over”

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In September 2022, Biden said the COVID-19 pandemic was “over,” but now says, “we’re still doing a lot of work on it.”

“A Bunch of Bull”

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Linda on Twitter called the request “a bunch of bull.” She said since pharmaceutical companies “made billions of dollars” off past vaccines, they should fund the vaccines themselves. 

Responsible Actions

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The Twitter account Truth Matters wasn’t upset about Biden’s request for vaccine funding. He said, “This is sane and responsible, so obviously the right wing will be outraged.”

Bolster Big Pharma

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James Lowe said Biden’s funding request from Congress was “to bolster big Pharma’s pockets…again!” Pharmaceutical companies have made billions of dollars under the Biden administration.

It’s a Scam

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Another Twitter user had a similar opinion. Terry Wells agreed that pharmaceutical companies “made billions” on previous vaccines, so “why do they need funds?” He called the funding of new vaccines a “scam.”

Side Effects

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The new vaccine also brought up the question of side effects. People are concerned with unknown side effects from new vaccines. Some people said they experienced negative side effects when they received the vaccine before, so they are hesitant to get another one.

Another Lockdown

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The push for new vaccines has some worried another lockdown is coming. A college in Atlanta has reinstated their mask mandate for students and staff at the university “due to reports of positive cases among students.”

Controversial Reactions

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Morris Brown College made a post on Instagram announcing the mask mandate, but turned off comments after receiving mixed reactions about the decision.

Corporate Mask Mandates

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The film company, Lionsgate, in Los Angeles has also started requiring their employees to wear masks again “due to a cluster of COVID cases.”

Hospitals Requiring Masks

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In addition to the Atlanta college and Lionsgate, many hospitals have also reintroduced mask mandates for staff, patients, and visitors. 

Just Say No

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Zuby on Twitter said, “If they try to bring back lockdowns, mask mandates, or vax mandates, just say no.” He added that he “will not comply” with new vaccine mandates.

States Blocking Mandates

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Several states, including Florida, Iowa, Montana, Tennessee, and Texas, have created some sort of legislation or executive action to prevent mask mandates from returning.

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