Appeals Court Rejects Electronic Voting Machine Case Brought by Kari Lake

Federal Appeals Court rejects lawsuit challenging electronic voting machines brought by failed Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake. Here’s the full story.

Thrown Out

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A federal appeals court has dismissed a lawsuit filed by former Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake, which aimed to challenge the use of electronic voting machines in last year’s midterm elections. Lake, along with Mark Finchem, another Republican candidate who ran for Arizona Secretary of State, filed the lawsuit in April 2022, alleging that the electronic ballot tabulation machines were unreliable. 

Adversely Affected

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The recent ruling by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals concluded that their claims did not provide sufficient evidence to suggest that future elections would be adversely affected by electronic tabulation. 

Integrity Compromised?

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The lawsuit brought by Lake and Finchem centered on concerns about the reliability of electronic voting machines. They argued that these machines could compromise the integrity of the electoral process. 

Lack of Evidence

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However, the appeals court found their claims lacked a “plausible inference that their individual votes in future elections will be adversely affected by the use of electronic tabulation.” 

Robust Safeguards

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The court’s decision also highlighted the robust safeguards in place under Arizona law to ensure the accuracy and security of the election process. These safeguards include the use of paper ballots and the post-tabulation retention of those ballots, which adds an extra layer of protection to the integrity of the vote. 

Malfunctioning Printers

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One of the focal points of the challenge was the malfunctioning of ballot printers in certain polling places within Maricopa County, where a significant portion of Arizona’s voters reside. 

Too Faint, Too Small

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These defective printers generated ballots with text that was either too faint or too small, rendering them unreadable by on-site tabulators at polling locations. This issue led to some delays and confusion at polling places. 

No Concrete Evidence

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Despite these challenges, the Arizona Court of Appeals determined that there was no concrete evidence to suggest that voters whose ballots could not be read by tabulators at polling sites were ultimately unable to cast their votes. 

Unresolved Issues

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While this lawsuit has been dismissed, Kari Lake is currently involved in another legal battle related to the ballot signature-verification process in Maricopa County. In this separate case, she has requested the release of 1.3 million ballot envelopes signed by voters. This matter is yet to be resolved. 

“Election Lies”

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Kari Lake has been one of the more vocal figures among last year’s Republican candidates who have promoted unfounded claims about the 2020 election, often referred to as “election lies.” She made these baseless claims a central focus of her campaign. 

Vice Presidential Audition

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Despite most other election deniers conceding defeat after the November 2022 elections, Lake has remained steadfast in her refusal to accept the results. She is now being considered as a potential running mate for former President Donald Trump in his anticipated 2024 campaign.

Side Show Continues

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Online, the news has led to a lot of fighting back and forth, mostly along party lines. One user posted “And now we have to put up with this side show once more for a Senate race.  The horrors when she loses again; think she will claim fraud or tabulating errors?”

Rigged Grammy Awards

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Others saw the funny side, with one commenter posting “Kari Lake was tossed out of the Grammy Awards last night screaming it was rigged.”

Never Ending Claims

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Others pointed out the lack of any evidence of her claims, with one user commenting “How many times can they lose these court cases and yet still claim election fraud? Between Krazi Lake and Donald Turnip it must be over a hundred…”

“Quit Already”

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Another posted “We’ve had elections in this country for over 200 years. Now all of a sudden, because Trump loses, all are suspect? Quit already. How many times do you have to count ballots?”

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