Another Gag Order as Trump Makes Bizarre Claims About Republicans in New Video

Trump released a statement online. Find out what else he said in the shocking video.

Trump Appears to Claim That Republicans Eat Their Young

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In a video, Donald Trump made a bizarre claim that “republicans eat their young,” prompting supporters and critics alike to scratch their heads. 

Attacks on His Opponents Are Nothing New

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Trump peppered his video with pointed attacks at other politicians, including pejorative nicknames for Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney and Bill Barr, claiming their campaigns did not start out effectively “because they really don’t have the skill or the talent to do so.”

Republicans Probably Don’t Actually Eat Their Young

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After claiming that Mitt Romney should have easily beaten former President Obama in the 2012 election, Trump went on to say “But remember, republicans eat their young, they really do. They eat their young. Terrible statement, but it’s true.”

Claim Causes Confusion

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It is unclear what exactly Trump meant by this statement, but he continued by discussing loyalty within the party. “That’s the problem with so many in our party. They just don’t have the loyalty and the strength to stick together.” 

Trump Addresses Republican Infighting

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He continued, “They go after people who are on their side rather than the radical left democrats that are destroying our country.” 

A Call for Unity

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Capping off with a call for unification between republicans to get Biden out of office, the video abruptly comes to an end with no further explanation of the claim that republicans eat their young.

Romney and Paul Held Summit but Left Trump Out

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The video appears to be a response to the summit held by Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney, gathering “non-indicted” republican candidates for the 2024 presidential election. Nikki Haley, Mike Pence and Chris Christie were among attendees. 

Video Making Multiple Appearances

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The video has been posted at least twice. 

The video is somewhat contradictory, as he blasts his opponents by name using insults and then laments that the candidates have no loyalty to one another.

More Anti-Biden Rhetoric

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Toward the end of what the Huffington Post referred to as a “rambling video,” Trump pushes the narrative that Joe Biden is “the most incompetent president” that his supporters “don’t want to help.” 

Trump Rallies Republicans to Oust Biden

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He said, “The Republican Party should unify and they should unify fast. We need Joe Biden out of there. He’s destroying America.”

Teleprompter May Be to Blame for Strange Comment

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It is possible that Trump was reading from a teleprompter and some think the words may have read, “republicans eat their own,” which would make sense in the context. 

Trump’s Previous Comments Draw Questions

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But this was not the first time Trump had made the claim that republicans eat their young.

Last week in a post, Trump said “If [Romney and Paul] fought as hard against Obama as they do against President Donald J. Trump, they would never have lost. But remember, Republicans eat their young.”

He repeated this statement in the new video.

Patterns of Confusion

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Eagle-eyed critics have noticed a few recent instances of confusion on behalf of former President Trump. 

More Equally Strange Claims

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He has made some untruthful claims recently, including that ID was required to purchase bread, Biden was about to cause World War II, and Obama was the current president.

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